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What is disposable ecig?

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With the diversification of people's lifestyles, e-cigarettes have started to appear in people's lives. e-cigarettes are an emerging product that represents the lifestyle of young people. However there is a wide range of e-cigarettes, generally, e-cigarettes are mainly made up of 3 parts: the pipe that holds the nicotine solution, the vaporising device and the battery. The atomiser is powered by a battery stem and is able to turn the liquid nicotine inside the cartridge into a mist, thus giving the user a smoking-like sensation when smoking. The product we are introducing today is a type of electronic cigarette, it is a disposable ecig.


The main characteristics of disposable ecig

What should be taken into account when using a disposable ecig?

The market outlook for disposable ecig


The main characteristics of disposable ecig

·Portability and convenience

Compared to regular e-cigarettes, disposable ecig are much easier and faster to use. Due to the disposable construction design, disposable ecig do not need to be recharged or replaced, and smokers only need to carry the e-cigarette with them on the go, rather than carrying heavy chargers and other ancillary accessories. Disposable devices require no maintenance, recharge or refill and are easy to replace for use.


·More stable performance

Disposable ecig have a completely enclosed design, reducing the need for charging and replacing cartridges. The no-charge design also reduces the occurrence of faults. It is understood that with rechargeable e-cigarettes, each cartridge needs to be charged at least once and the battery efficiency is extremely low, while the design of disposable ecig can solve this problem very well.


Disposable ecig are very easy to carry on daily trips, no need for any operation in the use of airflow induction, direct suction can be out of smoke, meaning that you just need to suck directly on the hand can be the main feature of the small cigarette is practical portability is the main, its appearance is very small, no longer like the previous big smoke box mechanical rod nowhere to put.

 Disposable ecig

What should be taken into account when using a disposable ecig?

Although disposable ecig are very simple to use, there are still a few considerations to take into account when using it. If you smoke with the mouthpiece down and the stem up, the liquid will naturally flow down into your mouth due to gravity. Secondly, when the liquid is sucked into your mouth, immediately replace the disposable ecig, this is due to the failure of the cartridge, there is no longer a need to use it. Finally, when using a disposable e-cigarette, be careful not to inhale too hard. If you inhale too hard, the liquid will be sucked directly into your mouth.


The market outlook for disposable ecig

There has been a controversial topic regarding the use of disposable ecig. According to scientific studies, the long-term use of e-cigarettes can cause harm to the human body, no less than tobacco. Therefore, it is important not to overuse either type of e-cigarette - after all, smoking is bad for your health. Specifically, the PMTA requires that any new tobacco product be approved by the FDA for legal promotion and that the FDA consider all aspects of the product to be beneficial to public health. Our products can always be sold under the supervision of the PMTA at cost and are prohibited for sale to minors. We have strict guarantees regarding the quality of our products.

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